Community Safety Meeting

Cleveland City Councilman T.J. Dow’s Ward 7 hosted a Community Safety Meeting held at the Second Ebenezer Baptist Church on East 71st Street in Cleveland. The City of Cleveland’s Chief of Police, Calvin D. Williams, along with Commander Likes from the Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority’s Police Department, addressed safety issues related to shootings, gang violence, intimidation, drugs, vandalism, graffiti and burglaries as well as gave remarks on building networking relationships with Cleveland’s Public Safety representatives.

This free and opened to the community meeting served as an informational gathering place for residents living in Ward 7 as well as other neighborhoods to come together to address concerns to assess their needs for public safety resources and awareness programs. Community safety meetings, like Ward 7's, help to build community involvement, strengthen neighborhood, residents and police comradery, break down communication barriers, bridge networking relationships, close gaps in developing relations and generate more community support and feedback. In addition, community safety meetings are also used as a forum to facilitate community members’ input. In this forum setting residents exchanged ideas and shared their vision for their community’s growth, development and goals.

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