Mayor Promotes Firefighters

Committed to improving the quality of life in the City of Cleveland, Mayor Frank G. Jackson was joined by the City of Cleveland Director of Public Safety Michael McGrath, Chief of Fire Angelo Calvillo and other public safety officials to congratulate and swear-in 26 firefighters promoted to supervisory positions at a ceremony held in the Mayor’s Red Room at Cleveland City Hall. Mayor Jackson administered the oath of office to 10 City of Cleveland Lieutenants for the Division of Fire promoted to the rank of Captain and 16 firefighters who were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Other City officials, family and friends were also in attendance to share in this momentous occasion. 

The City of Cleveland congratulates the following firefighters promoted to supervisory positions in the Division of Fire:

Promoted to the Rank of Captain Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant   
  • Lieutenant Joseph Simeone
  • Lieutenant Allen Zdesar
  • Lieutenant Dennis Corrigan
  • Lieutenant Michael Herschbach
  • Lieutenant Bryan Zwiec
  • Lieutenant John Zupanc
  • Lieutenant Matthew Corrigan
  • Lieutenant James Laing
  • Lieutenant John Kilbane
  • Lieutenant Robert Zimmerer
  • Firefighter Garret Bajzer
  • Firefighter Brian Vollman
  • Firefighter Paul Legeza
  • Firefighter Jeffrey Vollmer
  • Firefighter Michael Estergall
  • Firefighter Michael Borden
  • Firefighter Patrick Hough
  • Firefighter Mark Cassidy  
  • Firefighter Doni Reed
  • Firefighter Thomas Candow
  • Firefighter Andrew Clark
  • Firefighter Benny Burgos
  • Firefighter Harold Martin
  • Firefighter Bradford Hughes
  • Firefighter Daniel Cotleur
  • Firefighter Ryan Brenner  
Clare Walters