Police and Citizens Awards

Mayor Frank G. Jackson was joined by Community Relations Board Director Blaine Griffin, Director of Public Safety Michael McGrath, Cleveland Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams and Commander Brandon Kutz for congratulatory remarks at the City of Cleveland Division of Police Fourth District’s Community Relations’ and Citizens 35th Annual Awards Dinner held at the Hilton Garden Inn on Carnegie Avenue in Cleveland. Also in attendance were Cleveland City Councilpersons Mamie Mitchell (Ward 6) and Anthony Brancatelli (Ward 12) along with City of Cleveland Community Relations and Division of Police representatives, family and friends to congratulate this year’s award recipients.

This event recognizes officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and Cleveland residents in the Fourth District who have helped to strengthen their community through community police safety training programs, neighborhood meetings and watch programs. Officers in the Fourth District were also recognized for their outstanding service and acts of heroism. Additionally, citizens in the community are also recognized for their efforts to assist the Cleveland Division of Police.

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