Keelboat Sailing Program

The Department of Recreation coordinated the 2017 Keelboat Sailing Program, which was sponsored by the Division of Water. In this program, youth are given the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of sailing through The Foundry, located in the Flats. 

The Foundry is a rowing, sailing and fitness training center geared towards youth and young adults in Cleveland. The Foundry’s concept is based on high-performance athletics, coupled with a holistic support structure for youth and families. The Foundry aspires to produce healthy, achieving youth committed to benefitting from the disciplines of physical sport and scholastic success.

This program lasts six weeks and is for youth between the ages of 14 and 16. Students are instructed in sailing physics, tacking and gybing, boathandling and manuevering, sailboat racing, Lake Erie meteorology, preventative sailboat maintenance and more.  

City of Cleveland Division of Recreation