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Mayor Frank G. Jackson announced multiple updates to the office of Prevention, Intervention and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults (PIOYY). Led by Chief Duane Deskins, the office aligns city resources and creates community collaboration to reduce youth violence. PIOYY has planned multiple programs to address violence as a public health issue, and is made possible by the mayor’s enhanced budget and Issue 32.

"Cleveland is a great city. Through the years, we have built world-renowned institutions including our orchestra and our museums. We support nationally recognized sports teams. Our medical and research facilities have created a health care capital in Cleveland and our colleges and universities attract researchers and students from around the world. " -more

-Mayor Frank G. Jackson

  • Mayor Frank G. Jackson Hosts First Jobs Match Week: May 15-May 19

    Mayor Frank G. Jackson is hosting the first Mayor’s Jobs Match Week May 15-19. The event is at five recreation centers throughout the City and will connect Clevelanders with meaningful work and opportunity. All participating employers –including the City of Cleveland –are hiring now. Participating companies include United Parcel Service, RTA, Key Bank , Nestle and more.

    Available positions range from entry-level to mid-management and technology.

  • 2017 Five Year Capital Improvement Program

    The Jackson Administration reinitiated the Capital Improvement Program in 2007 in order to better plan the public investments.Projects implemented by the Capital Improvement Program will shape the physical landscape of Cleveland for generations, and play an important role in the City’s long-term ability to deliver critical services necessary for attracting private investment and making Cleveland a vital, vibrant and connected city.

  • Mayor Frank G. Jackson Announces Demolition Strategy to Remove Blighted Structures

    Mayor Jackson announced a comprehensive strategy to demolish blighted and abandoned homes. The plan is part of the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative,  and it aligns with the recently announced massive $25 million funding of the Neighborhood Transformation Initiative. The City is concurrently working with several large financial institutions to support new home construction and rehabilitation, as well as down payment assistance programs.

  • City of Cleveland Language Access Plan

    The City of Cleveland is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming approach to interaction with all residents. As part of that commitment to inclusion the city is ensuring the accessibility of resources, services, and engagement regardless of language.

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06/17/2017 - Free Personal Essay Writing Workshop
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