Office of the Mayor

Mayor Jackson Appoints New Chief of Prevention, Intervention, and Opportunity for Youth

In a strong effort to combat crime in the City of Cleveland, Mayor Frank G. Jackson announced Cleveland’s newest initiative, Neighborhood Impact Community Engagement, aimed at crime prevention and deterrence for youth violence. In addition, Mayor Jackson announced the appointment of the new Chief of Prevention, Intervention, and Opportunity for Youth, Duane Deskins, who will lead the way in cracking down on crime and finding safe, manageable solutions to encouraging Cleveland youths to engage in positive, healthy, and sustainable life changing measures to improve their quality of life.

"Cleveland is a great city. Through the years, we have built world-renowned institutions including our orchestra and our museums. We support nationally recognized sports teams. Our medical and research facilities have created a health care capital in Cleveland and our colleges and universities attract researchers and students from around the world. " -more

-Mayor Frank G. Jackson