Office of the Mayor

Cleveland Presents Republican National Convention Security Preparations

In preparation for the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) to be held in Cleveland from July 18, 2016, through July 21, 2016, Mayor Frank G. Jackson and members of his administration presented a comprehensive overview on security preparation updates at Cleveland City Hall in the Mayor’s Red Room on Lakeside Avenue. The presentation included the City of Cleveland Department of Public Safety preparedness efforts, which include the Divisions of Police, Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Fire and Corrections along with the offices of Emergency Management (OEM) and Communications.

"Cleveland is a great city. Through the years, we have built world-renowned institutions including our orchestra and our museums. We support nationally recognized sports teams. Our medical and research facilities have created a health care capital in Cleveland and our colleges and universities attract researchers and students from around the world. " -more

-Mayor Frank G. Jackson

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