Mayor's Staff

Ken Silliman, Chief of Staff

Darnell Brown, Chief Operating Officer

Sheryl Nechvatal Executive Assistant

Valarie J. McCall, Chief of Government & International Affairs

Edward Rybka, Chief of Regional Development

Dan Williams, Media Relations Director

Monyka S. Price, Chief of Education

Jenita McGowan, Chief of Sustainability

Natoya J. Walker-Minor, Chief of Public Affairs

Mayor's Action Center

Mayor Frank G. Jackson
Executive Assistant, Sheryl Nechvatal
Contact: 216.664.3990

Chief of Staff
Ken Silliman

Executive Assistant, Tarra Petras
Phone: 216.664.2735
Fax: 216.664.2815

  • Mayor Jackson’s lead advisor
  • Handles key administrative matters on the Mayor’s behalf
  • Manages Mayor’s Office Staff
  • Developed and Implemented the 5 Year Capital Improvement Plan

Chief Operating Officer
Darnell Brown

Executive Assistant, Loretta Joyce
Phone: 216.664.4273
Fax: 216.664.2815

  • Responsible for citywide operations and management of city services and capital projects, including facilities construction and maintenance
  • Oversees the Mayor’s Action Center and the following departments: Public Service; Public Utilities; and Parks, Recreation and Properties

Office of Government & International Affairs
Valarie J. McCall, Chief of Government & International Affairs

Executive Assistant, Alexander Lackey
Phone: 216.664.2551
Fax: 216.420.7713

Office of Regional Development
Edward Rybka, Chief of Regional Development

Executive Assistant, Margaux Francis
Phone: 216.664.4617
Fax: 216.664.2815

  • Responsible for the Mayor’s Regional Platform, and advances the Mayor’s vision of a regional economy.
  • Oversees five municipal departments: Economic Development, Community Development, City Planning, Building and Housing, Port Control, and Office of Equal Opportunity.

Office of Communications

Phone: 216.664.2220
Fax: 216.420.8758

Dan Williams, Media Relations Director 216.664.2223

  • Assistant Media Relations Director, Daniel Ball, 216.664.3691
  • Communications Assistant, Nathalie Evans, 216.664.4272
  • Special Events Coordinator, Jayah Watters, 216.664.3206
  • Special Assistant to the Mayor, Beth Zietlow-DeJesus, 216.664.3999

Although not a complete list, this office is responsible for the following:

  • Working with members of the media on behalf of the Jackson Administration, including information and interview requests, proactive media outreach and public records
  • Social media planning, content creation and coordination
  • Leads the City’s Joint Information Center for crisis communications
  • Oversees media relations, public relations, crisis communications, and employee communications for Mayor Jackson's Administration
  • Coordinates the Mayor's public appearances and speaking engagements
  • Proclamations, Certificates, Letters of Recognition >>
  • Event requests for Mayor Frank G. Jackson >>
  • Employee communication and document review

Department of Education
Monyka S. Price, Chief of Education

Phone: 216.420.8087
Fax: 216.664.3570

  • Serves as the liaison between the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.
  • Oversees Mayor's Educational Initiatives

Mayor’s Action Center

Contact: 216.664.2900
Submit Question, Complaint or Concern

  • Increase customer service by providing direct access to the Mayor’s office and connecting citizens with City Services.
  • Answer, track and process citizen suggestions, questions, concerns and service requests.

Office of Public Affairs
Natoya J. Walker-Minor , Chief of Public Affairs

Executive Assistant, Langston Tift
Phone: 216.664.4370
Fax: 216.420.8758

  • Advisor to Mayor Jackson on issues related to workforce development, community relations and health and human services.
  • Oversees municipal departments that provide direct service to city residents and employees: Public Health; Aging; Human Resources; Civil Service Commission; Work Force Development; Community Relations; and The Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity

Office of Sustainability
Jenita McGowan, Chief of Sustainability

Executive Assistant, Rachel Kocin
Phone: 216.664.2455
Fax: 216.420.8758

  • Advisor to Mayor Jackson and his Administration on policies and projects related to sustainable practices for energy consumption, green building, reducing fleet emissions, and purchasing of sustainable goods and services
  • Oversees the Office of Sustainability which is responsible for saving money and reducing the City’s ecological footprint with new policies in energy, fleet, and facility management.
  • Leads the coordination of Sustainable Cleveland 2019, an action plan to develop new strategies and align Cleveland to use sustainability as an innovative engine for economic growth, on behalf of Mayor Jackson.