CMSD Board of Education Appointment Information

School Board Applications Deadline Extended

The deadline to submit an application to serve on the Cleveland Metropolitan School District Board of Education has been extended to Friday, November 4, 2016. This appointment is for an unexpired term ending June 30, 2019.

To be considered, applicants must be residents of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Interested parties can either mail or hand deliver their applications to Cleveland City Hall, 601 Lakeside Avenue, Room 227, Cleveland, Ohio 44114, attention Monyka Price. Applications sent via e-mail are not permissible. 

Applications are available in English and in Spanish, on this site and also the CMSD website, and the Cleveland Public Library website. Hardcopies are available at City recreation centers and Cleveland Public Library branches. 

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) Board of Education Appointment Process

What is the Board of Education?

The Board of Education serves as the governing body of the Cleveland Municipal School District. The Board, with the concurrence of the Mayor, appoints the Chief Executive Officer of the School District. Other Board responsibilities include:

  • setting School District policy, 
  • approving the School District budget, 
  • establishing School District goals and accountability standards, and 
  • promoting parent, family and community involvement in the schools.

This is a unique governance structure, as all other school districts in Ohio elect members to their boards of education.

What is the CMSD Nominating Panel and how are members selected?

The Cleveland Municipal School District Nominating Panel was created as a part of Ohio House Bill 269, which established the Mayor-Appointed Board governance structure in 1998. The Nominating Panel is charged with nominating a slate of persons for each Board of Education vacancy. The Mayor may only select from persons nominated by the Nominating Panel in making his appointments to the Board of Education.

The Nominating Panel is made up of eleven volunteer members selected as follows:

  • Three members are parents or guardians of children attending the Cleveland Metropolitan Schools, who are appointed by the School District’s Parent Teacher Association, or a similar organization.
  • Three members are appointed by the Mayor.
  • One person is appointed by the President of Cleveland City Council
  • One teacher is appointed by the collective bargaining representative of the Cleveland Teachers Union.
  • One principal is appointed through a vote of CMSD’s Principals.
  • One representative of the business community is appointed by an organized collective business entity selected by the Mayor, currently the Greater Cleveland Partnership.
  • One president of a public or private institution of higher education located within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District  is appointed by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction 

How many Board of Education members are appointed by the Mayor, and how are they sworn in?

Under Ohio law, nine members of the Board of Education of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Cleveland. However, the oath of office can be administered by any of the following people: 

  • any elected official in the City of Cleveland; 
  • the Board of Education Chair; 
  • the CMSD Chief Financial Officer; or 
  • any attorney or notary public in Ohio.  

How are School Board vacancy applications processed?

All Board vacancy applications are submitted to the Mayor’s Chief of Education and can be found on the City’s website, and also on CMSD’s website as well as the Cleveland Public Library website. The Chief of Education then forwards all applications to the community-based Nominating Panel members.  Thereafter, the Mayor can appoint persons from a slate of nominees recommended to him by the Nominating Panel. 

How long is a Board of Education member’s term?

Board of Education members serve four-year terms. 

Who is in charge of the School District?

CMSD’s Chief Executive Officer runs the School District and the Mayor of the City of Cleveland serves as the appointing authority of the Board of Education.