Public Safety Forms & Publications

Title Category
Crime Statistics, Mid-year 2018 Police
Crime Trends Report Safety
Crisis Intervention Definitions Police
Crisis Intervention Response Policy Police
Crisis Intervention Team - Definitions Police
Crisis Intervention Team - Program Police
Crisis Intervention Team - Team Response Police
Crisis Intervention Work Plan Safety
DOJ Police Settlement Agreement Third Status Report Police
Exhibit A – 2016 Outcome Measures, Filed June 30, 2017 Police
Exhibit A for Memorandum Submitting Revised second-Year Monitoring Plan Police
Exhibit A - In Service Training Instructor/External Instructor Selection, Filed April 17, 2017 Police
Exhibit A - Memorandum Submitting Revised Second Year Monitoring Plan Police
Exhibit A - Selection Process for the Specialized Crisis Intervention Team Officers Police
Exhibit B - Specialized Crisis Intervention Plan Police
First-Year Police Monitoring Plan, Updated 10/11/2016 Police
General Police Order 1.07.06 Disciplinary Guidance Police
General Police Order 1.07.08 Bias-Free Policing Police
General Police Order 4.02.02 Canine Unit Police
General Police Order: Cleveland Division of Police Mission Statement Police
General Police Order: De-Escalation Police
General Police Order: Use of Force – Definitions Police
General Police Order: Use of Force – General Police
General Police Order: Use of Force – Intermediate Weapons Police
General Police Orders Safety
Home Property Inventory Form Safety
How Can I Help Get Neighborhood Watch Started? Police
How Can I Make My Home Safer? Police
How To Start A Neighborhood Watch Program Police
Implementation Coordinator Consent Decree Actions Calendar Police