Public Safety Forms & Publications

Title Category
Cleveland Department of Justice Findings, Spanish Safety
Cleveland Division of Police Equipment and Resource Plan, Filed May 3, 2017 Police
Cleveland Division of Police Settlement Agreement Police
Cleveland Division of Police Use of Force Training 2017, Filed June 5, 2017 Police
Cleveland Monitor Call for Survey Firms Community Focus Groups Safety
Cleveland Monitor Call for Survey Firms Officer Safety
Cleveland OH FY 2014 JAG Application and Budget Safety
Community Engagement Assessment Draft Police
Community Engagement CPOP Flyer Police
Court Notice Police Training Documentation Plan Police
CPC First Annual Report Filing Police
CPRB Meeting Agenda - April 18, 2018 Police
Crime Trends Report Safety
Crisis Intervention Definitions Police
Crisis Intervention Response Policy Police
Crisis Intervention Team - Definitions Police
Crisis Intervention Team - Program Police
Crisis Intervention Team - Team Response Police
Crisis Intervention Work Plan Safety
DOJ Police Settlement Agreement Third Status Report Police
Exhibit A – 2016 Outcome Measures, Filed June 30, 2017 Police
Exhibit A for Memorandum Submitting Revised second-Year Monitoring Plan Police
Exhibit A - In Service Training Instructor/External Instructor Selection, Filed April 17, 2017 Police
Exhibit A - Memorandum Submitting Revised Second Year Monitoring Plan Police
Exhibit A - Selection Process for the Specialized Crisis Intervention Team Officers Police
Exhibit B - Specialized Crisis Intervention Plan Police
First-Year Police Monitoring Plan, Updated 10/11/2016 Police
General Police Order: Cleveland Division of Police Mission Statement Police
General Police Order: De-Escalation Police
General Police Order: Use of Force – Definitions Police