Police Forms & Publications

Title Category
Motion Recommending Approval of New Cleveland Division of Police Mission Statement Legal
Motion Regarding All-Officer, Eight-Hour Crisis Intervention Training, Filed May 22, 2017 Police
Motion Regarding Cleveland Division of Police Equipment and Resource Plan Police
Motion to Approve Bias Free Police Policy Police
Motion to Approve Police In-Service Instructor Selection Police
Motion to Approve Police In-Service Instructor Selection- Exhibit A Police
Motion to Approve Police Learning Management System Police
National Terrorism Advisory System Public Guide Safety
Notice Regarding In-Service Training Instructor Policy Police
Notice Regarding In-Service Training Instructor Policy, Filed April 17, 2017 Police
Notice Regarding Status of Body-worn Camera Policy Police
Notice Submitting Monitoring Team’s Third Semiannual Report, Filed June 13, 2017 Police
Notice Submitting Monitoring Team's Fourth Semiannual Report Police
NTAS Guide (Espanol) Safety
OPS Operational Manual and Procedure City Administration
Order Approving Second-Year Monitoring Plan, Filed April 20, 2017 Police
Part One Crime By Offense And District Police
Patrol Officer Applicant Conditioning Camp Schedule Police
Patrol Officer Personal History Statement Employment
Patrol Officer Police Applicant Information Employment
Police Crime Statistics Safety
Police District & Statistical Planning Areas Police
Police District Maps Safety
Police Districts Statistical Planning Area Police
Police Employment Interest Form Employment
Police Fifth District Police
Police First District Safety
Police Fourth District Police
Police Organizational Structure Police
Police Records Request Legal