Division of Fire

Cleveland’s Fire Division Receives Additions to Response Fleet

The City of Cleveland Public Safety’s Division of Fire recently announced additions to the Division’s response fleet, which include two Pierce fire engines and a Rosenbauer aerial platform. The fire engines will replace older 2002 and 2004 model year vehicles. The engines will be assigned to Station Number 23 on Madison Avenue and Station Number 30 on St. Clair Avenue. In addition, the aerial platform will be assigned to Station Number 10 on East 101st Street in Cleveland. This announcement was held at the Cleveland Fire Training Academy on Cleveland’s Lakeside Avenue East.

Safety Tips From the Division of Fire

For Neighborhoods: Residents are asked to keep an eye out for groups of people hanging around vacant houses where there have been boards ripped off or doors kicked in. Those conducting "urban mining" may be stealing pipes, and if there is a strong gas smell in the area the Division of Fire should be called at 911. If there is suspicious activity, the Police should be called.

Kitchen Safety: The #1 rule is to never leave a stove unattended. All are reminded not to cook while sleepy or under medication, and to never let children cook unsupervised. -More

Smoke Alarms: Residents are asked to check smoke alarms and change batteries when necessary, practice an escape plan, and have a pre-planned meeting place in the event of a fire. Assistance is available from the Red Cross Operation Save-A-Life Program (216.361.5535). -More

Car and Bike Safety: Seat belts and helmets should be worn at all times.

Fire Safety is the responsibility of all residents. Further information is available at the Fire Public Education Unit (216.664.6386) or from Fire Headquarters (216.664.6800)

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