Office of Emergency Management

The most important function of the Office of Emergency Management is to keep Clevelanders and visitors safe in the event of a major incident, such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

In addition to emergency preparedness education and training and the preparation of emergency management plans and procedures, the Homeland Security section is also responsible for maintaining the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Joint Information Center (JIC).

In the event of a critical incident, the EOC complex is a central location for officials to manage resources, determine executive policy, and ensure the continuity of operations for the City of Cleveland. The JIC portion of the complex allows public information officers to gather and prepare critical information for dissemination through the media, reverse 911 messaging, public address and emergency alert systems, among other mediums. Representatives from the Homeland Security Section also participate in and lead the Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center.


Technology Section


This section serves more than 3000 users in the Department of Public Safety.
This includes desktop and mobile computers, and special projects such as audio and video surveillance cameras, building security initiatives, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), among others.


Grants Section


This section manages over $3 million dollars in grant funds each year. These grant funds include, but are not limited to, the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) grants. The procurement process, all payments made, and the close out for all grants are completed within the grants section of the Office of Homeland Security, Grants and Technology.