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Division of Animal Care & Control
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Kennel Urges Adoption and Support for Animal Agencies

The City of Cleveland Kennel takes adoptable strays to several local agencies including the Cuyahoga County Kennels, Animal Protective League and Northeast Ohio SPCA, among others, and urges residents to support them through adoptions, donations, and volunteerism.

We are Good Kitties and We Are Cute

"We were born in 2008 to our calico mommy who was a stray. We were fostered with our three siblings by Love-A-Stray for 8 weeks. It was not hard for us to be adopted because we are babies, but there are a lot of our older friends who are still looking for a good home. We make our mom and dad smile and laugh every single day.  They can't remember life without us in it."

 -Gabrielle & Binkley, Cleveland Feline Residents of Shawn & Brittany

RaelinMy poor husband. He had no chance...

"First, I started browsing online. Then I started talking about how a dog would fit in our family which includes the cat I’d had for years. When I said, 'We should go to the Cleveland Animal Protective League and look at the puppies,' he knew we were coming home with one. I insisted that wasn’t the case and we wouldn’t rush into anything.

Alas, when my husband walked up to her crate in the very back corner and said, 'Can you sit?'- and she sat, it was all over. We asked if we could take her out and get to know her. We had already visited with five or six others but hadn’t found the perfect fit. She literally pranced around the room like the best-trained Clydesdale and I fell in love.

Her name was Raven and she wore a purple collar. Browns fan that I am, I said that was a little too close to Baltimore for me. Raelin, as she later became known, was the perfect size and appeared to have some training despite being found on the streets. To this day, she is the happiest dog either of us has ever owned.

She was easily trained, protects and dotes on our baby girl, and offers up hours of fun and a heap of love and loyalty. Now, three years later, she still chases the cat- but I wouldn’t trade her for anything, and remain convinced that she was rescued by the Cleveland Kennels and made her way to the APL just so we could bring her home.”

-Erica, Cleveland Resident

Division of Animal Control Services
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Mission Statement


The mission of the Division of Animal Control Services is to reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals in the city of Cleveland by enforcing City animal ordinances and by referring low cost spay/neuter services for Cleveland residents.

Division of Animal Control Services