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Animal Related Legislation
Abandoning Animals 603.06
Animal Bites: Report and Quarantine 205.01
Animal Enclosure Restrictions 347.02
Animals or Fowl at Large 603.01
Assaulting Police Dogs 603.071
Cruelty to Animals 603.09
Controlling Dogs and Other Animals in Parks 559.41
Disposal of Dog Waste 603.041
Disturbing Animal Noises 605.10
Dog Nuisances 603.04
Dog Registration, Dog Tags 603.05
Exotic Animals 603A
Impounding Dogs and Cats 603.03
Kennel Adoption of Dogs and Cats 603.031
Killing and Injuring Animals 603.07
Neglect of Animals 603.091
Poisoning Animals 603.091
Unmuzzled Dogs at Large 603.02
Vicious Dogs 604

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Mission Statement


The mission of the Division of Animal Control Services is to reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals in the city of Cleveland by enforcing City animal ordinances and by referring low cost spay/neuter services for Cleveland residents.

Division of Animal Control Services