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About Cleveland EMS

Division Structure

EMS Organizational Chart

The Commissioner of EMS, Medical Director, and Deputy Commissioners of Operations and Administration oversee the work of the various sections, as seen in the EMS organizational chart.


The Division of Emergency Medical Service prides itself on the diversity of its personnel, mirroring the diversity of the community which they serve.

The division places a strong emphasis on actively recruiting personnel from varied walks of life to become part of an organization made up of individuals from various cultural, religious, and racial backgrounds.

Because of its especially diverse workforce, the Division of EMS is recognized as a leader in this area.


Academy Education and Training Section

The Academy Education and Training Section train newly hired EMT-Basics/EMT-Paramedics and acclimate them to the division. This involves a four-phase, thirteen week training process of orientation, certification, evaluation, and probation. -more

Field Performance and Improvement Section

The Field Performance Improvement Section reviews run reports and follows up on patient care issues. These employees are responsible for ensuring that ambulance/field personnel are following appropriate patient care protocols. They gather statistical data for continuous improvement purposes. They also work with the EMS Medical Director to revise and update patient care protocols.

Education/Continuing Education and Training Section

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The Education/Continuing Education and Training Section is responsible for maintaining the recertification of EMS personnel through monthly in-service instruction, training and testing. These employees stay current on techniques in medicine and pre-hospital care. They train staff on new equipment as well as currently accepted medical practices. 

Personnel and Human Resources Section

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The Personnel and Human Resources Section records and maintains employee records. These records include payroll and payroll-related information; injury claims; disciplinary records; and adjustments to employee status changes.

Communications Performance Improvement and Training Section

This section is responsible for continuous improvement of the City’s dispatch center. These employees review 911 calls and evaluate the call-takers and dispatchers. They make recommendations and give feedback based on their evaluations. In addition, they provide cadet training and education for new Emergency Medical Dispatchers.

Recruitment Section

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The Recruitment Section is involved in the selecting, interviewing, and hiring process of EMS employees. This section reviews employment applications and resumes and runs background screenings. Once a selection is made, they track the progress of the new employee throughout their academy training and probationary period. The Recruitment Section works closely with the Academy Education and Training, and Communications Performance Improvement and Training Sections.



Division of EMS
Nicole Carlton
Acting Commissioner
1701 Lakeside Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

P: 216.664.2555
F: 216.420.8373
TTY: 800.750.0750
TDD: 216.623.4546
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National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) check current status

Pledge to the Community


We are committed to improving the quality of life in the City of Cleveland by maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards of pre-hospital care, treating our patients with dignity and respect, and caring for each patient as if they were a member of our own family.

-Cleveland Division of EMS