House of Correction

The House of Correction is a facility for the incarceration of persons convicted of crimes and sentenced by the court system.

Activities and Programs

Inmates have access to a full library and a State-required recreation program. They may also participate in several learning and health programs including GED (provided by a Board of Education certified instructor), Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and an alcohol and drug treatment program sponsored by the Cleveland Health Department. With the Court’s permission, inmates may participate in work release programs to help support their families.

Professional Staff

Security personnel and officers are trained and certified by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council to ensure the safety and security of those entrusted to their care. On-staff social workers address inmate and family problems and promote communications with the Courts.

There are medical assessments, physiological evaluations and medications as needed to maintain or improve inmates quality of life. A Nurse Practitioner and three staff nurses address medical problems and a part-time Psychiatrist addresses issues dealing with mental problems and medications.