Cleveland City Jail

The City Jail receives, processes, houses, cares for, and transfers arrested persons into area judicial systems. Individuals typically remain at the City Jail for an average of one to three days. Law enforcement officers use this period of time to gather information for possible criminal charges. Charges may be issued, or persons released, at any time.

Arrestees represent every facet of society and are held for a wide variety of reasons- everything from traffic violations to felony warrants. Juveniles are not housed at the City Jail.

The Jail operates without pause every minute of the year. It remains a critical component of the criminal justice system through its unique role in protecting and serving the people of the City of Cleveland.

Professional Staff

The Jail is staffed by state certified Correctional Officers and a professional medical staff. Nutritionist-approved meals are offered three times a day. Sanitation remains a daily priority.

The facility works in concert with local judicial and social service providers. Procedures exist for attorney and clergy visits as well as limited family visits.

Personal Property

Property left behind may be retrieved by the owner, who must present a valid ID and property bag receipt. Property must be retrieved at the first floor front door security desk between the hours of 8 am and 7 pm. After approximately 90 days, unclaimed personal property is subject to disposal under Ohio law.

Perishables may be destroyed upon their arrival at the City Jail, or at any time. Contraband and other illegal substances shall be seized, and criminal charges may be brought for their possession and/or conveyance into a detention facility