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Mayor's Office of Equal Opportunity

The office is responsible for the administration, monitoring and enforcement of the City’s minority and female-owned business enterprise programs; the new programs for smaller, local businesses; Fannie M. Lewis Cleveland Resident Employment Law programs; and prevailing wage compliance. 

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Electronic Submittal of Certified Payroll
Contractors are required to submit Certified Payrolls on a weekly basis online through  LCPtracker. When a contractor is awarded a City project, the City will set up the project in the LCPtracker system, and provide the prime contractor with a log-in and password. In addition, subcontractors will be assigned log-ins and passwords.

This paperless submittal is not optional. Paper payrolls submitted to OEO will be returned, and the contractors will have to enter them into the online system to ensure payment of submitted invoices.

LCPtracker System
The LCPtracker system is a paperless, online system for entering certified payrolls. Rather than submitting paper Prevailing Wage forms (Affidavits of Prime Contractor, Statements of Compliance, Weekly Certified Payroll Spreadsheets, etc.), contractors will enter all payrolls and related information online. All project-specific wage rates & classifications will be online, and the contractor will choose specific rates and jobs from a menu.

Computer and Internet Access
The contractor will need a computer and internet access for LCPtracker. For contractors without this ability, the prime contractor of each project will provide the computer and equipment necessary to submit payrolls electronically. Public computers are available at most public libraries. In addition, the Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity has a dedicated computer with internet access for contractors to use.

Training Opportunities
Those interested in taking a LCPtracker class, are asked to contact the Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity at 216.664.4155 or via email. Free parking for class attendees is available to those parking in the building’s attached garage who bring a parking stub to class.  In addition, training can be found online via tutorials made available when logging into the system.


Office of Equal Opportunity
Melissa K. Burrows
601 Lakeside Ave, Room 335
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

P: 216.664.4152
Ohio Relay: 711
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Mission Statement


To advance equal economic benefit for all Clevelanders by ensuring compliance with contractor goals and requirements, by providing development and support activity for target groups, and by overall advocacy, with a commitment to excellent public service.

- Mayor's Office of Equal Opportunity