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The Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity oversees contract compliance for the following prevailing wage laws:

City of Cleveland, State and/or Publicly Funded Construction Projects

The Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity oversees contractor compliance of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4115 concerning prevailing wage laws for public improvements financed by public funds. Compliance includes paying correct prevailing wage rates, submitting certified payrolls and filing a notarized affidavit at the completion of a project. Related publications appear below.

Click For Item Item Name
Video 1 State Funded Contracts Video (8:34 minutes)
Video 2 Prevailing Wage (2.45 minutes)
WH-347 Certified Payroll Form
OPEN Contractor Responsibilities
LAWS1003 Final Affidavit of Contractor Compliance
WHPW1512 Prevailing Wage Notification to Employee Form
OPEN   PW Thresholds Quick Reference
OPEN File a Prevailing Wage Complaint
OPEN Instructions for Preparing Certified Payroll Reports
OPEN Prevailing Wage Contractor Responsibilities
OPEN Prevailing Wage Determination Cover Letter
OPEN Sign Up For Updates of Wage Rate Changes
OPEN View Wage Rates
OPEN Prevailing Wage Contractor Guide
OPEN Prevailing Wage Agency Guide and Packet

Additional State of Ohio Prevailing Wage Information >>

City of Cleveland Federally Funded Construction Projects

The Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity also oversees contracts funded with federal funds governed by the Davis-Bacon Act with the same type of submittals and expectations as the State’s requirements as listed in the previous section. Related publications appear below.

Click for Item Item Name
Video 1 Federal Funded Contract – Davis-Bacon Video (8:13 minutes)
Video 2 Prevailing Wage (2.45 minutes)
Video 3 Labor law posters-why you should post? (1.29 minutes)
LR01.DG Davis-Bacon Labor Standards – A Contractors Guide to Prevailing Wage Requirements for Federally-Assisted Construction Projects (2012)
WD-10 (Electronic Form) Report of Construction Contractor's Wage Rates
WH-347 Payroll Submission Form: for contractors to submit certified weekly payrolls for contracts subject to the Davis-Bacon and related Acts
SF-308 Request for Wage Determination and Response to Request
ETA-671 Program Registration and Apprentice Agreement OATELS
SF-1444 Request for Authorization for Additional Classification and Rate
WH-248 Statement of Fringe Benefits Compliance
SF-1413 Statement and Acknowledgement Clauses in Contract
FHWA-1391 Annual EEO Report (for Airport Projects)

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Required Jobsite Posters

The City of Cleveland recommends that posters be printed in color and laminated. Law requires that the bulletin board and/or posters are located in a prominent and readily accessible area where employees gather to start work on and/or during breaks. By law, posters need to be stored in a weatherproof, watertight location and remain there throughout the contract/project.

For Projects Not in a Fixed Location

Laminated posters should be displayed in a traditional “Open House” literature holder container. These may be adhered to poles, working vans, and/or trucks. All employees must be informed of poster location.

Poster Checklist

City of Cleveland Construction Site Poster Checklist

Federal Posters

Click for Item Item Name ID
Video 1 Labor law posters-why you should post? (1.29 minutes) 
OPEN Employee Rights Under Federal Labor Laws- OLMS Fact Sheet F01
EEOC-P/E-1 Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law F02
EEOC-P/E-1 Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law, Spanish F02s
OPEN EEO Is the Law Poster F03
OPEN Employee Rights Notice under the NRLB F04
OPEN Report of Construction Contractor’s Wage Rates  3 4 5 F05
1088 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Federal Minimum Wage 4 F06
1284 Employee Rights for Workers with Disabilities/Special Minimum Wage F07
1284SP Employee Rights for Workers with Disabilities/Special Minimum Wage, Spanish F07s
421-004/59075 Notice to Employees Working on Government Contracts F08
421-004 Notice To Employees Working on Government Contracts, Spanish F08s
1321 Davis Bacon Know Your Rights  1 F09
1321SPA Davis Bacon Know Your Rights, Spanish  1 F09s
1420 Your Rights Under FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) F10
1420SPA Your Rights Under FMLA, Spanish F10s
1462 Employee Polygraph Protection Act F11
OPEN Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act – USERRA F12

State Posters

Click for Item Item Name ID
OPEN Ohio Fair Employment Practices Law S01
OPEN Minimum Wage  4 S02
OPEN Minor Labor Laws S03
JFS55341 Unemployment Compensation: Notice to Employees S04
OPEN No Smoking S05
OPEN No Weapons Notice S06
OPEN Ohio Civil Rights Act S07
OPEN Ohio Workers' Comp Fund "Certificate of Premium Paid"  3 4 S08 

OSHA Posters

Click for Item Item Name ID
OSHA 300A Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses Summary 3 4 A01
OSHA 3165-12-06R OSHA: Job Safety and Health Protection A02
OSHA 3167-01-07R OSHA: Job Safety and Health Protection, Spanish A02
1926.50 Emergency Phone Numbers2 4 A03

City of Cleveland Posters

Click for Item Item Name
C01 City of Cleveland Key Contract Contacts  1 4
C02 City's Sub-Contractor Addition and Substitution Policy

Contractor Posters

Click for Item Item Name
Z01 Contractor's EEO Policy Statement   2
Z02 Contractor's Sexual Harassment Policy   2
Z03 Contact Info. for Contractors, Subcontractors’ EEO Officer(s)  2 4
Z04 Pay Day Notice   2
Z05 Contractor Key Phone Number   2 4

ODOT: For Department of Transportation Projects Only

Click for Item Item Name ID
OPEN Whistleblowers Know Your Rights 001
FHWA-1022 Highway Construction FRAUD Poster  1 002
FWHA-1495 Wage Rate Information, Federal Aid Highway Project  1 003
FWHA-1495A Wage Rate Info, Federal Aid Highway Project, Spanish  1 003s
FWHA-1321 Working on Federally Financed Construction Project 1 004


  1. City completes prior to distributing it to Contractor

  2. Contractor completes prior to laminating

  3. Contractor inserts / replaces poster with theirs & then laminates

  4. Must keep current as wages and/or fringes changes and/or other reasons

  5. WD-10 Report of Construction Contractor's contractually required Wage Rates, Project Wage Rate Sheet, and/or Wage Rate Information (FHWA 1495). Contractor completes form online and then prints at least 3 copies (one for files, one for the city and one to post)

City Contractor Forms

Click for Item Item Name
LR01.DG Davis-Bacon Labor Standards – A Contractors Guide to Prevailing Wage Requirements for Federally-Assisted Construction Projects (2012)
OPEN Davis Bacon Apprentice Ratio Review
OPEN CF 16 & Other Requirements
OPEN PW Resources on City of Cleveland Website
CF10 Contractor's Certified Payroll Reporting Requirements
CF12 Contractor's Payroll Signature Authorization
CF13, CF14 & CF16 Sponsor Apprentice Certification Questionnaire
CF15 Contractor's Pay Days for Submittals of CPR
CF20 Statement of Non-Performance (No Work Performed)
CF25 Contractor's Fringe Benefits Statement Form A
CF30 Contractor's Employee Consent for Wage Deductions
CF40 Owner/Operator Affidavit on Work Performed
CF45 Contractor's Project Contacts
CF50 Contractor's Wage Rate Worksheet
CF99 City of Cleveland Construction Site Poster Checklist

Electronic Submittal of Certified Payroll
Contractors are required to submit Certified Payrolls on a weekly basis online through LCPtracker. When a contractor is awarded a City project, the City will set up the project in the LCPtracker system, and provide the prime contractor with a log-in and password. In addition, subcontractors will be assigned log-ins and passwords.

This paperless submittal is not optional. Paper payrolls submitted to OEO will be returned, and the contractors will have to enter them into the online system to ensure payment of submitted invoices.

LCPtracker System
The LCPtracker system is a paperless, online system for entering certified payrolls. Rather than submitting paper Prevailing Wage forms (Affidavits of Prime Contractor, Statements of Compliance, Weekly Certified Payroll Spreadsheets, etc.), contractors will enter all payrolls and related information online. All project-specific wage rates & classifications will be online, and the contractor will choose specific rates and jobs from a menu.

Computer and Internet Access
The contractor will need a computer and internet access for LCPtracker. For contractors without this ability, the prime contractor of each project will provide the computer and equipment necessary to submit payrolls electronically. Public computers are available at most public libraries. In addition, the Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity has a dedicated computer with internet access for contractors to use.

Training Opportunities
Those interested in taking a LCPtracker class, are asked to contact the Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity at 216.664.4155 or via email. Free parking for class attendees is available to those parking in the building’s attached garage who bring a parking stub to class. In addition, training can be found online via tutorials made available when logging into the system.

Click for Item Item Name
OPEN City of Cleveland Upcoming B2Gnow and LCPtracker Training Schedule
Handout 01 OEO Contractor’s Training Class Requirements Overview 
Handout 02 Cleveland Low Income Worker Verification Application
Handout 03 B2Gnow Quick Start Guide for General Contractors / Prime Contractors
Handout 04 B2Gnow Subcontractor Payment Confirmation Steps
Handout 05 LCPtracker Contractor Training PowerPoint Presentation
Handout 06 LCPtracker Prime Approver Training PowerPoint Presentation for Prime or General Contractors
Handout 07 LCPtracker Prime or General Contractor “Fannie Lewis Cleveland Resident Employment Law” Compliance Monitoring
Handout 08 OEO Development Project Closeout Checklist
Handout 09 Prime Approver Guide
Handout 10 LCPtracker – How to add Users to your Contractor’s Account or Reset Passwords or Edit Users
Video  Introduction to LCPtracker  (2.15 minutes)