OEO Forms & Publications

Title Category
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Business Development
Good Faith Effort Vendors & Contractors
Group Comments from CBA Symposium Business Development
Healthcare Building Blocks Application Business Development
Highway Construction FRAUD Poster Wage Information
HUD Contractor's Guide Wage Information
Kathleen Mulligan- Hansel, PhD CBA Presentation Business Development
LCPtracker – How to add Users to your Contractor’s Account or Reset Passwords or Edit Users Wage Information
LCPtracker Contractor Training PowerPoint Presentation Wage Information
LCPtracker Prime Approver Training PowerPoint Presentation for Prime or General Contractors Wage Information
LCPtracker Prime or General Contractor “Fannie Lewis Cleveland Resident Employment Law” Compliance Monitoring Wage Information
Letter to Contractors Regarding Online Certification Application Business Development
Living Wage Wage Information
Minor Labor Laws Wage Information
Mr. Ben Beach CBA Presentation Business Development
Mr. Jeff Cohen CBA Presentation Business Development
Mr. John Reamer CBA Presentation Business Development
NERA Cleveland Final Presentation Business Development
New Certification Affidavit Business Development
No Smoking Wage Information
No Weapons Notice Wage Information
Northern Ireland Fair Employment Vendors & Contractors
Notice to Bidders and Schedules (Chapter 187) Vendors & Contractors
Notice to Employees Working on Government Contracts Wage Information
Notice to Employees Working on Government Contracts, Spanish Wage Information
OEO Contractor’s Training Class Requirements Overview Wage Information
OEO Development Project Closeout Checklist Wage Information
OEO Monthly Reporting & Affidavit Vendors & Contractors
OEO Monthly Reporting Instructions Vendors & Contractors
OEO Significant Efforts Test Vendors & Contractors