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About The Office of Equal Opportunity

The programs provide for participation as prime and sub-contractors on City related contracts, for development efforts for targeted companies, and for employment of Cleveland residents on certain construction projects.

Major functions include:

  • certification of businesses as local, minority, or female-owned
  • evaluation of City contracts related to use of minority and female businesses, employees, and local companies
  • determination of goals and requirements for City Contracts
  • monitoring of contractor's compliance with various contract requirements
  • training and information for contractors and potential contractors
  • investigation and penalty imposition for failure to comply with OEO programs
  • development and technical support for target businesses
  • outreach 

Cleveland Area Small Businesses, Minority Business Enterprises, and Female Business Enterprises are urged to apply for certification through the Mayor's Office of Equal Opportunity.

Office of Equal Opportunity
Melissa K. Burrows
601 Lakeside Ave, Room 335
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

P: 216.664.4152
Ohio Relay: 711
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Mission Statement


To advance equal economic benefit for all Clevelanders by ensuring compliance with contractor goals and requirements, by providing development and support activity for target groups, and by overall advocacy, with a commitment to excellent public service.

- Mayor's Office of Equal Opportunity