Human Resources Services


The administration office provides management of the Department’s fiscal and administrative processes. It develops and directs high-level projects and programs with citywide impact, and coordinates with the Civil Service Commission on policies & procedures. Administration plans, directs and manages human resource practices and programs to all city departments.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

This office furthers the principles of federal, state and local EEO regulations.  It receives, investigates, and works to resolve complaints of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and workplace violence.  The office recognizes and defines opportunities to enhance the diversity of the City’s workforce.

Wellness Works! Program

This program educates City employees and their families on developing healthier lifestyles for overall well-being.

Personnel Administration

This section provides personnel administration support and assistance to City agencies.  It insures that processes follow Civil Service rules, union regulations and equal opportunity requirements, and is a bridge between Civil Service and City agencies for tests and certifications.

This section assists with filling vacancies, handles background checks, and audits personnel actions.  It provides training and assistance for City agency personnel leads, and schedules medical exams, drug tests, and return-to-work physicals.

Employee Relations and Benefits

This section coordinates insurance coverage for City employees.  It audits files for benefit eligibility, administers flexible spending accounts, maintains Cobra compliance, controls unemployment costs, coordinates charity fundraisers, provides employee discount programs, counsels employees on benefit-related issues, handles new employee orientation, and employee service awards.

Education & Research Services

This section designs, implements, manages and maintains training programs citywide.  It is responsible for processing needs assessments and monitoring, measuring and reporting career development training effectiveness.  It researches and maintains cutting-edge training and development resources.

The City offers mandatory courses to all employees, including:  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Drug Awareness, Diversity and Violence in the Workplace. These courses provide policy information and teach appropriate workplace behavior.

Employee Assistance Program

This program coordinates counseling services, crisis intervention, training, management, supervisor consultations and assessments and referrals.  Services are provided in-house or through outside contracted counseling services.

Human Resources Information Services

This section uses technology to provide skills, technology tools, and access to information needed to meet the City's goals and objectives.It serves as an internal consultant to city agencies and their external counterparts.

Its goal is to develop innovative, labor-saving, timely, and effective business procedures.
This section annually fulfills hundreds of requests for special reports from City management and agencies, the media, and unions. It provides information on pay and leave data, discipline and grievance trends, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action statistics, and other personnel-related information.

Public Records

This section maintains personnel files and manages inquiries about city employees (including subpoenas and public records requests). Records of former city employees are kept as well.

Labor Relations

This section negotiates and administers City Labor Agreements with 30 unions which represent 7000+ employees.  It prepares legislation, handles drug and alcohol testing, and education and training for union agreements and City policies and procedures. Labor Relations provides supervisor training on discipline and grievance procedures.  It is responsible for union dues deductions and employee wage increases, ADA compliance and preparing Civil Service Job Descriptions.

Safety & Risk Management

The Safety staff reviews and investigates industrial accidents to find causes and prevention measures. It conducts safety inspections to ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and to identify unsafe work conditions and practices.

It provides safety training and consulting services to City agencies to reduce employee injuries and property damage. Training programs include hazard communication, fall protection, confined workspace, traffic barricading and use of personal protective equipment.

Workers Comp

The Workers Comp section processes industrial injury/illness claims and reviews them to determine if they are work-related. It also provides training to supervisors and payroll clerks to ensure that all claims paperwork is in order.

Injury cases are managed by a third-party, and this staff ensures that employees are provided prompt, appropriate medical care. This includes treatment and bill review, fraud investigation, return to work evaluation, light duty placement, and rehabilitation.

Third-party claims are pursued in order to recover funds spent for accidents which were not the City’s fault.