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ITB's: Invitations to Bid over $50,000

Important Notice: For ITB's over $50K, all prospective bidders must fax and email company’s general information. This includes: the company name, address, phone number, fax number and email addresses, to the responsible Buyer before downloading the bid document.

Please note that: Addendums are NOT posted to the City website. Bidders must be identified as a current Vendor and on the official Plan Holders List in order to receive an addendum or revision to plans or specifications. Failure to contact this office with this pertinent information will cause a bid to be non-responsive and the bid may be rejected.

Full information regarding each individual bid can be accessed by clicking on the file numbers below. Some files will include additional documentation within the bid information, all additional information will be found at the bottom of the page and can be accessed by clicking on the provided link.


  FILE NO.   19-15
Rockwell Avenue Area Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacement Project
  FILE NO.   17-15
Rose Cliff Road Storm Sewer Project
  FILE NO.   18-15
Massie Avenue Sewer Replacement Project
  FILE NO.   13-15
Purchase of Various Types of Safety Equipment Required for OSHA/PERRP Compliance
  FILE NO.   8- 15
Restoration of Pavement for Water Mains and Appurtenances
  FILE NO.   12-15
2015-2018 Department of Finance Citywide Sales of Scrap Metal Materials
  FILE NO.   9- 15
Disposal of Debris at Landfills
  FILE NO.   14-15
Various Meyer Snow Plow and Spreader Equipment Parts and Labor
  FILE NO.   11-15
City Wide Tree Removal and Pruning Initiative
  FILE NO.   15-15
Purchase of Wood Poles, Croassarms and Accessories
  FILE NO.   16-15
Labor and Materials to Paint Poles and Other Streetside Elements
  FILE NO.   10-15
Auto, Truck and Equipment Glass Replacement and Related Parts

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