ITB's: Invitations to Bid over $50,000

Important Notice: For ITB's over $50K, all prospective bidders must fax and email company’s general information. This includes: the company name, address, phone number, fax number and email addresses, to the responsible Buyer before downloading the bid document.

Please note that: Addendums are NOT posted to the City website. Bidders must be identified as a current Vendor and on the official Plan Holders List in order to receive an addendum or revision to plans or specifications. Failure to contact this office with this pertinent information will cause a bid to be non-responsive and the bid may be rejected.

Full information regarding each individual bid can be accessed by clicking on the file numbers below. Some files will include additional documentation within the bid information, all additional information will be found at the bottom of the page and can be accessed by clicking on the provided link.

File 70-18 - Purchase of Various Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Parts
File 68-18 - Capital Maintenance and Repairs Electrical
File 67-18 - Necessary Labor, Materials, Maintenance Training and Inspections of Various Passengers Bridges Throughout CHIA
File 66-18 - Labor and Materials for Air Duct Cleaning Standard
File 65-18 - Morgan Access and Security Project
File 63-18 - Capital Maintenance-Masonry
File 64-18 - Capital Maintenance-Repair Specialized Cleaning