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Economic Development Contact List
For Info Re: Contact Email Phone
Main Office Economic Development Main Number N/A 216.664.2406
Economic Development Fax N/A 216.664.3681
Administration Tracey A. Nichols, Director email 216.664.3611
Anthony R. Thornton, Asst. Director email 216.664.2832
Shaunquitta Walker, Office Manager/Legislation/PW email 216.664.3644
Marilu Acevedo, Administrative Assistant to Director email 216.664.3677
Ethel Maheu, Administrative Manager email 216.664.3676
Alicia Torres, Paralegal/Notary Public email 216.664.2406
Stephanie Philibert, Administrative Officer email 216.664.3627
Brownfields and
Special Projects
David Ebersole, Manager email 216.664.2204
William Warren, Development Officer email 216.664.3921
Reese Dunton, Intern email 216.664.2556
Cheng-Han Yu, International Business Development Fellow email 216.664.2202
Jeremy Adell, Intern  email 216.664.4274
ED & Technology Robin Brown Project Manager email 216.664.3612
David Lukas, Project Coordinator email 216.664.3010
Michael Elliot, Project Coordinator email 216.664.4470
Small Business and
Retail Development
Kevin Schmotzer, Executive Small Business Development email 216.664.3720
Anthony Stella, Small Business & Retail Development email 216.664.4363
Matthew Moss, Intern email 216.664.3682
Fiscal Daniel Rehor, Fiscal Manager email 216.664.3610
Byron Demery, Controller email 216.664.2203
Gregory Perryman, Asst. Controller email 216.664.3672
Trinette Wiggins, Senior Accountant email 216.664.3622
Bruno Nuro, Intern email 216.664.3621

Department of Economic Development
Tracey A. Nichols, Director
601 Lakeside Ave, Room 210
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

P: 216.664.2406
F: 216.664.3681
Relay Service: 711
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Mission Statement


To provide assistance to businesses expanding within or locating to the city of Cleveland including financing, workforce solutions and technical assistance that will encourage investment in the community to enhance the lives of our citizens.

- Economic Development