Community Relations Board Members

The Community Relations Board was established in 1945, and was the first such body in the country to be established by municipal ordinance (Cleveland Codified Ordinances).

The Mayor serves as Chairman ex-officio of the Community Relations Board and appoints, with the approval of City Council, 14 members to serve four-year terms. The Board  represents the social, economic and cultural interests of the community. In addition, City Council appoints two of its members to serve two-year terms.

Community Relations Board Members

Reverend Dr. Charles P. Lucas, Jr., Vice-Chair

Roosevelt Coats
Jenice Contreras
Councilman Brian Cummins
Kathryn Hall
Yasir Hamdallah
Evangeline Hardaway
John Horton
Gary Johnson
Daniel McNea

Stephanie Morrison-Hrbek
Minister Roland Muhammad
Gia Hoa-Ryan
Ted Wammes
Peter Whitt