Community Development

The Department of Community Development is responsible for planning, administering, and evaluating HUD funds. The Department implements programs designed to conserve and expand the housing stock; revitalize commercial areas; acquire, maintain, and market vacant land; improve the quality of human services; and develop small area or neighborhood strategies.

  • Department of Community Development CDC Program Grant RFP 2017-2018

    This grant provides funding for local improvement projects and covers a one year period from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. The objective of the program is to develop urban communities through decent housing, suitable environments and expanded economic opportunities. Those seeking supplemental RFP materials may email Joy Anderson, Commissioner of Administrative Services.

  • IRS Warns Again On Payroll Scam As Tax Season Begins

    In the most common iteration of the scheme, scammers send a fake email pretending to be from a high-level corporate employee requesting information about employee forms W-2 from company payroll or human resources departments.

  • IRS Advierte de Nuevo de la Estafa de Nómina a Medida que Comienza la Temporada de Impuestos

    Esté atento a una estafa de correo electrónico centrada en los registros de nómina. El Servicio de Rentas Internas (IRS) se ha hecho consciente de que otra estafa de correo electrónico está haciendo su camino a los contribuyentes a medida que comienza la temporada de impuestos. En la iteración más común del esquema, los estafadores envían un email falso que finge ser de un empleado corporativo de alto nivel que solicita la información sobre las formas W-2 del empleado de la nómina de compañía o de los departamentos de recursos humanos. 

  • 2017 Local Development Priority Recommendations

    The Department of Community Development will make a recommendation to Mayor Jackson on which 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credit applications to OHFA should be designated as a 2017 Local Development Priority for the City of Cleveland

  • 'Can you hear me?’ New phone Scam Tricks the Receiver Into Answering 'Yes'

    Many variations are being used in robocalls to get a consumer to engage and say "Yes," according to the consumer watchdog groups. A recorded call can set someone up to generate proof — they said 'Yes' after all — that they signed up for a service.

  • Storefront Renovation Program (SRP) Assists Neighborhood Retail Districts

    Cleveland’s SRP helps retail districts become attractive, economically viable, and diverse places to visit and shop by assisting in the design and funding of signage and the rehabilitation of traditional storefront buildings.

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