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Community Development Contact List


Contact Name, Title


Director's Office Daryl Rush, Director 216.664.4288
Michael Cosgrove, Assistant Director 216.420.7634
Cathy Lewis-Wright, PIO/Communications Officer 216.664.4597
Administrative Services Joy Anderson, Acting Commissioner 216.664.2055
Commercial Office Terri Sandy, Manager, Commercial Revitalization 216.664.4031
Fair Housing & Consumer Affairs John Mahoney, Administrative Manager 216.664.2653
W. Mona Scott, Fair Housing Administrator 216.664.2018
Barbara Anderson, Project Coordinator 216.664.4663
Housing Development Office Michael McBride, Adminstrative Manager 216.664.2005
Cecilia Rodriguez, Tax Abatement Program Manager 216.664.3442
Housing Rehabilitation Joseph Gabbard, Assistant Administrative Manager 216.664.4048
Land Reutilization Terry Robbins, Project Coordinator 216.664.4053
Neighborhood Development James Greene, Acting Commissioner 216.664.4061
Neighborhood Services Louise Jackson, Commissioner 216.664.4074
Beth Mackey, Administrative Manager 216.664.4133

Department of Community Development
Daryl P. Rush Esq., Director
601 Lakeside Ave. Room 320
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

P: 216.664.4000
F: 216.664.4006
Relay Service: 711
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Mission Statement


We are committed to improving the quality of life in the City of Cleveland by strengthening our neighborhoods through successful housing rehabilitation efforts, commercial rehabilitation efforts, new housing construction, homeownership, and community focused human services.

– Community Development