Computer skills are tested  for some Civil Service positions

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Civil Service Commission Services

Policy Making

This section of the Commission circulates and maintains Civil Service rules and policies. It conducts regular meetings to discuss and act upon administrative issues, including hearings for disciplinary actions.


The commission conducts examinations based on job responsibilities and qualifications to identify qualified candidates for employment through these activities:

  • Conduct job analyses and develop and prepare examinations    
  • Prepare and distribute bulletins for test announcements    
  • Accept applications for test filings    
  • Test candidates, grade examinations, and notify individuals of the results

Record Maintenance

This section maintains test information and some personnel transactions for civil service employees, and certifies qualified candidates for City employment. It prepares eligible lists from examinations, certifies candidates for vacant positions, and maintains seniority records.

Civil Service Commission
Lucille Ambroz, Secretary
601 Lakeside Ave Room 119
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

P: 216.664.2467
F: 216.664.3879
Relay Service: 711
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Test information is maintained on all city personnel

Mission Statement


To ensure qualifications, certify, and monitor the progress of personnel in the classified services for the City of Cleveland.

– Civil Service Commission