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Consolidated Entertainment Licenses Permits & Licenses
Parade Permit Application Form Permits & Licenses
Parking Permit - Residential/Business Permits & Licenses
Permisos Para Desfile Permits & Licenses
Plumbing Permit Fee Permits & Licenses
Rental Registration Online Payment Instructions Permits & Licenses
Rental Registration Payment and Application Form Permits & Licenses
Residential Building Permit Application Permits & Licenses
Right-to-Know Hazardous Chemicals Application Permits & Licenses
Shared Mobility Devices & Bicycle share vendor permit information Permits & Licenses
Street Opening and/or Sidewalk Obstruction Application Permits & Licenses
Street Opening and/or Sidewalk Obstruction Request For Extension Permits & Licenses
Streets Opening and/or Sidewalk Obstruction Application Emergency Permits & Licenses
Valet Permit Application Permits & Licenses
Valet Service License Application Permits & Licenses
Weights & Measures Consumer Complaint Form Permits & Licenses
2016 OPS Annual Report Police
2017 OPS Annual Report Police
2018 OPS Annual Report Police
2019 OPS Semi-Annual Report Police
Administrative Expungement Form Police
All Cleveland Police District Maps Police
Bias-Free Policing Policy Police
Cleveland Division of Police Settlement Agreement Police
Court Notice Police Training Documentation Plan Police
Crime Statistics, 2017 Police
Crime Statistics, Mid-year 2018 Police
Fifth District Police Map Police
First District Police Map Police
Formulario de Querella del Ciudadana Police