Mayor Jackson Releases Statement on Federal Ruling of United States of America v. Gattarello et al.

Friday, July 7, 2017

CLEVELAND – Mayor Frank G. Jackson today released a statement on the federal ruling of United States of America v. Gattarello et. al.: 

“This is the very first case that the Environmental Crimes Task Force addressed. This case is the reason the Task Force was organized,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “When addressing sites such as this, the City’s primary course of action is to use all avenues to force the owner, or any other responsible party, to remediate the site.  The City has pursued the responsible parties aggressively to ensure they provide full remediation of the site in accordance with federal EPA laws and regulations.  The city sought and was granted full restitution from one of the responsible individuals at his sentencing in federal court today. The two sentenced today, Mr. Christopher L. Gattarello and Mr. Robert A. Shaw, Sr., received 57 months and 12 months in federal prison respectively.”

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