Mayor Frank G. Jackson Releases 2018 Mayor’s Estimate

Friday, February 2, 2018

Enhanced budget focuses on neighborhood revitalization and commitment to expanding city services and improving quality of life

CLEVELAND – Mayor Frank G. Jackson, whose proven leadership has resulted in Cleveland’s resurgence, today released his 2018 Mayor’s Estimate. The budget document, a reflection of the mayor’s plans over the next 12 months, is delivered annually to Cleveland City Council on February 1. The 2018 estimate highlights Mayor Jackson’s ongoing commitment to neighborhood revitalization and the strategic hiring of more than 700 employees to serve the city’s neighborhoods. Download the complete 2018 Mayor’s Estimate here.

“I am offering a budget that is structurally balanced and designed to maintain, enhance and add services. It is one that allows everyone access to quality of life,” said Mayor Jackson. “This budget reflects a city that is ready to move forward. Every citizen. Every neighborhood.”

The 2018 estimate echoes the successes of 2017 and the improved services resulting from Issue 32 – the first income tax increase in more than 32 years. The additional $80 million in the annual budget in 2017 resulted in the hiring of more employees, the construction of new facilities, new equipment, repaired streets and more. The 2018 citywide budget of more than $1.7 billion (General Fund and Enterprise Fund) continues these successes:

Increasing Safety and Critical Services in Neighborhoods

The Division of Police plans to hire 150 police officers in 2018 and an additional 100 officers in the first quarter of 2019; the City and County have also reached an agreement for the County to operate the Cleveland Jail, which eliminates costly duplication; the Division of Fire will hire 80 personnel to maintain staff levels and account for attrition.

The Division of Emergency Medical Service added three new EMS bases to City of Cleveland neighborhoods, and will add 48 new EMT/paramedics, including promoting five supervisors to oversee field operations. The Division will also upgrade its CAD system, purchase two new vehicles and increase the number of ambulances to 25 on day shift and 21 on night shift.

The Division of Animal Care and Control will open a new $4 million kennel in 2018, and add staff to efficiently run the building.

Creating Healthier Families, Youth and Young Adults

The Office of Prevention, Intervention, and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults will leverage $1.5 million in city spending to address youth violence as a public health issue. The Office will provide expanded youth programs and jobs, mentorship, and the provision of research support, including a crime analyst and an additional epidemiologist.

Cleaner, More Vibrant Neighborhoods

The Department of Public Works will continue using its enhanced budget to maintain staff added in 2017 and continue improving city services such as street sweeping, pothole repair, waste collection, leaf removal and more.

The Department of Building and Housing will continue to implement and create healthy neighborhoods by increasing the Rental Registration to 57,000 rental units, systematically inspecting rental units for life, safety and lead issues, and razing structures through the Safe Routes to School Demolition Program.

Editor’s Note: These programs are only a small percentage of Mayor Jackson’s strategic plan to utilize the enhanced budget in 2018 and better serve the residents of Cleveland. Download the complete 2018 Mayor’s Estimate and view all the enhancements.

About the City of Cleveland

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